Hi all,

Hopefully everyone is well. I have attached downloadable and printable activity sheets that fit in with our topic of cooking and cleaning. It is not how I would do it in class, I usually tailor activities and worksheets/sensory experiences to individuals,  so in some cases you may want to make the activity practical rather than worksheet based which fortunately with cooking and cleaning is pretty easy as you'll have a lot of the items to hand at home. Any helping out or trying to be independent in the kitchen is excellent practice for the life skills we ultimately aiming to achieve.  

We are also looking at Buddhism in RE, there are a lot of lovely videos about the faith aimed at children on YouTube that support some of the Buddhism activities and worksheets I've attached on the subject. 

This is all only optional, it is not expected as I know many pupils won't do anything remotely like schoolwork when they're not at school but if they do, I'd love to see photographs. 

I will also send the link to Sing, Sign and Symbol which is run by our SALT team on Wednesdays at 11.15 and is enjoyed by all pupils. Look out for it in your emails on Wednesday morning.

A few websites and apps that you can utilise:  username: parklane password: pls118 username: student7002  password: phantom3 (i'll send individual logins via email)



Files to Download