Signalong is committed to empowering children and adults with impaired communication to understand and express their needs, choices and desires by providing vocabulary for life and learning.

At Park Lane School we use a sign support system called Signalong. We choose to use this system throughout the school to ensure consistency. We use total communication at all times to support communication, understanding and learning.

Signalong is a sign support system that is based on British Sign Language, but adapted for the client group. It is an aid to communication, and signs are used in spoken word order always accompanied by speech. It’s used with total communication using body language and facial expression.


Signalong is arranged in approximate developmental stages, starting with real objects in real situations, to generalised concepts, then to the abstract.

Signalong is taught using handshapes, directions and positions, which ensures consistency.

We offer Signalong for Learners Courses to our students at KS4. The course is externally accredited by Signalong which is mapped to the Speech Language and Communication Needs Framework (SLCF). The framework sets out the key skills and knowledge needed to suport speech language and communication development.

Training Opportunities

Foundation training Course, this is a 10 week course.

Introductory Course, this is a 1 day introduction course. 

For further information about future courses please contact Emma on the email address below. 


Signalong Website

Click here to see Signalong’s website.




At Park Lane we have commissioned a book with Signalong. It was developed for use within the school and for family members to use at home to enable our students to achieve their full potential.

[email protected] - Emma Shaw

If you keep an eye on our Facebook page you will see the pupils teaching everyone the Sign of the Week like the one below.