Key Stage Three

Pupils at Key Stage three work on an award which is delivered through the awarding body ASDAN and based on personal, social and health education. The award can be internally or externally accredited and allows the students to achieve a certificate in the award.

Key Stage Four

The Key Stage four curriculum is built upon the externally accredited, Preparing for Adulthood course from ASDAN. We work on Towards Independence Literacy and Numeracy awards at sensory, Introduction and Progression levels where appropriate and this covers all the key skills to equip pupils in moving onto the life skills based qualification in the 6th form.

We also do the externally accredited Transition Challenge award, with the majority of pupils achieving this at gold level. The award covers the foundation subjects, again we are able to deliver this at a sensory and an Introductory level.

We do have a thematic approach which is dictated by our internally accredited science award. Each term’s theme is based upon a scientific module so we have Me and My Body, Cooking and Cleaning, The World Around Us, Electricity in the Home, Health and Treatment and Space. Each subject is linked through these themes and produces a rounded curriculum for all the key stage four pupils.

6th Form

At Post 16 the students follow a life skills based curriculum which allows them to achieve a portfolio based qualification in Personal Progress at Entry Level one. The qualification is run through the awarding body ASDAN, with the majority of students achieving a diploma in their three years in the 6th Form. 

For students with more profound, multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), there are more sensory based units focusing on engaging with the world around them. These students follow a more personalised curriculum, covering the most appropriate units for them. 

For the Diploma, the units from the Personal Progress are selected to ensure a broad, balanced curriculum, covering the areas of key skills (maths, English and ICT), personal development, skills for the workplace, independent living skills and community participation skills.

Some of our more able students also work on an externally accredited certificate in Personal and Social Development at Entry Level one.  They cover areas such as preparation for work, community action, managing your own money and personal safety in the home and community.