School Tour


When you arrive at school you will enter through the main door and you will be greeted by a member of your class team who will help you to class. You can say Hello, to Vicky, Elaine and Kathryn in the office. 


The first class is Silk class for nursery and reception age pupils. They have their own outside area to access whatever the weather.


The next class along the corridor who shares a bathroom with Silk class and is made up of key stage one pupils is Granelli class. They have their own outdoor area with sensory toys and a small gardening area. It is covered over so that pupils can access fresh air at any time of year. 


The next class along, situated at the top of the main corridor, is Hovis class for lower key stage two pupils. This class has access to the main playground areas which have covered areas, a roundabout, astro-turf, a gazebo learning area and a garage full of accessible bikes and other play equipment. 


In the opposite classroom is the upper key stage two class, Mulberry who shares a bathroom with Hovis. Mulberry pupils also access the main playground the whole year round.


Key stage three pupils are based in the new mobile classroom which has two classrooms, one of which is used for large sensory activities and the other for main lessons.


Barnaby is our PMLD class where everything is sensory based and lessons are at a slower, calmer pace. Pupils in this class have opportunity to stand, stretch and practise walking in their own time and have access to different therapies and health support. 


Our key stage four pupils make the exciting move down to the high school where we have a base and access to unique integtration opportunities. We are able to make use of all the high school and college facilities. 

Lower and Upper 6th

After the high school, our key stage five pupils are based in the college and are able to work on their living skills in the home room which is equipped with a small kitchen for pupils to learn cooking skills. They also go out into the community and take part in work experience placements. 


We have our hydrotherapy pool onsite which is used daily. We are currently raising money to upgrade this very valuable facility.

Sensory room

Our sensory room is equipped with tracking and the latest sensory devices such as our new interactive projector.


We have a nurse, Cassie, and health assistant, Sharon, on site everyday who know the pupils very well. 

Meeting room

Clinic appointments, meetings and monthly coffee mornings are held in our meeting room named DC Suite.


Our main hall has many functions, every morning it is the base for our large sensory circuits which provides a positive start for many of our ASC pupils. Upper key stage two and key stage three pupils eat in here and go to the hatch to choose their dinners. We also have indoor PE sessions and assemblies in here. 


Louise is our school cook, she provides lunch for Silk to Arighi classes.

ICT suite

We are very lucky to have a fully equipped ICT suite with 4 PCs and a laptop trolley, an interactive screen and an eye gaze room. This room is used on a rota by every class to help with computing skills across the curriculum.

Ball Pool

We have a small soft play area with a ball pool which is an excellent place for our younger pupils to blow off some steam and practise some gross motor skills.

Headteacher's office

This is Lorraine's office where you can visit to deliver a message or tell her when you have any outstanding achievements to share.