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Here are the latest bits for home learning, alongside things we've already done which you can keep revisiting, especially the days of the week and the weather song which we do every day in class. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's something specific you'd like to see or anything you need help with. 

I have added a suggested daily activities file below. It's a suggested of things to do every day, based loosely on what our focus is in class.  If you need any help with the below, just let me know. It might be finding suitable apps or where to find certain resources. 


Spring 2

We are looking closely at toys this half term. Our favouites especially. There is a massage story and a poem ready for you in the files below. I'm having a few problems with my videos so there is no video just yet but this will follow for the poem so keep checking back here for it. 


I can't fix the problem, but I have managed to record myself signing and speaking, just without the poem behind me, so not as good, but here for you anyway to use alongside the poem with symbols that is in the files below.

Click here to view me. 

For our creativity work, we are continuing with our storm picture, but also using toys to create art work, such as using balls, cars and blocks to make a painting/picture. 

Here's the link to the YouTube playlist for the massage story.  

The key with all these sessions is repetition and consistency. We will complete these tasks at least once, usually twice a week for a whole half term. What you really want to see from your child is the same response to each stimulus every time you present it in the same way e.g. every time you bang the tray for the thunder they laugh/startle/reach out. 


Spring 1

Our creativity work this half term is look at 'The Storm' a piece of music by Benjamin Britten which can be found here  and being inspired by it and the art work of J M Turner. If you're feeling creative, you could get some paint out to create a stormy scene with hands, feet or using a paintbrush. Please do take photos of any creative work and send it to me. I'd love to see it! 

In the files are the support sheets for our sensory poem and massage story. 

The massage story  music videos playlist can be found here

The sensory poem video can be found here




Here are a couple of songs for you to join in with with your child. Maybe a sibling could take on the supporting role either by modelling it or supporting your child to partcipate. 

Wake Up! 



Previous Links

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Bonfire Sensory Poem. 

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Alice the Camel song: 

Weather Song

Days of the Week:

I've done a video of each day of the week signed as we would in class. 






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