Visit to a local charity shop - Social, Spiritual and Moral

Lesson: Topic

Class: Y3-Y5 Hovis Year: 2019 - 2020

Values, Insight, Interdependence, Empathy, Welfare, Right & Wrong, Ethical Issues, Respect, Consequences, Communities, Responsibilities, Local, Behaviour, Heritage, Experience & Attitudes

As part of our Challenge and Community strands, we have visited a local charity shop. We learnt about how you donate things a shop, what happens when you donate things and who the money raised by the shops goes to help. We all behaved fantastically and were respectful to the charity shop and its workers. We also made a donation of our old clothes. 

We have been learning about the importance of recycling and reusing our belongings that we do not need any more and recognise the importance of donating to charity, so that people can reuse our unwanted things. As part of this understanding we also purchased a toy from the shop, rather than buying a new toy. We hope this will help us all reduce our waste and reduce how much rubbish goes to landfill.