Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year - Spiritual, Social and Cultural

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Pre school - YR Forest Year: 2023 - 2024

The spiritual development of pupils is shown by their:

  • ability to be reflective about their own beliefs (religious or otherwise) and perspective on life
  • knowledge of, and respect for, different people’s faiths, feelings and values
  • sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them
  • use of imagination and creativity in their learning
  • willingness to reflect on their experiences

The social development of pupils is shown by their:

  • acceptance and engagement with the fundamental British values of  individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs; they develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.

The cultural development of pupils is shown by their:

  • understanding and appreciation of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage and that of others
  • understanding and appreciation of the range of different cultures in the school and further afield as an essential element of their preparation for life in modern Britain
  • ability to recognise, and value, the things we share in common across
    cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economic communities
  • willingness to participate in and respond positively to artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities
  • interest in exploring, improving understanding of and showing respect for different faiths and cultural diversity and the extent to which they understand, accept and respect diversity.


We learnt Rosh Hashanah is a special festival that celebrates Jewish New Year. We learnt one of the traditions of Rosh Hashanah is to blow a big horn called a Shofar. One hundred notes are blown on the horn to create a special rhythm. We listened to the Shofar and communicated if we liked the sound or not. 

During Rosh Hashanah, food is also really important.Slices of apple are dipped in honey to symbolise a sweet new year ahead, so we tried apple dipped in honey. We also made our own Plaited Challah bread, which would be served on the holy day Shabbat. We alos explored pomegranate as this is often found on the table during Rosh Hashanah because there is a tradition that they contain 613 seeds. These represent one for each of the commandments a Jewish person is supposed to keep.