Diwali Celebrations. Spiritual, Social and Cultural

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Y2-Y5 Hovis Year: 2019 - 2020

Religion, Respect, Explore, Enjoyment, Communities, Socialising, Values, Behaviour, Influences, Diversity & Traditions

Hovis Class learnt about Diwali. We learnt who celebrates it, when the festival is and what happens at traditional Diwali celebrations. All of this knowledge helped us to appreciate the varied cultural influences we have in our country and also have insight into what some of our friends in class celebrate with their own families.

We then had our own Diwali celebrations in class, where we decorated our classroom, made Diwali tealight holders, tried on traditional dress, made Rangoli Patterns and had a Diwali meal together, with traditional Indian Food. We all took part and enjoyed the celebrations, helping us all to understand, respect and celebrate a different cultural celebration. We also developed our spritual and social skills by pariticpating and co-operating with our peers during the activities and showing respect for other faiths.