Arts Week Animal Workshop - Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural

Lesson: Science

Class: Y12-Y14 6th Form 1 Year: 2019 - 2020

Enjoyment, Fascination, The World, Explore, Self-confidence, Respect, Environment, Behaviour, Social Skills, Scientific, Nature & Heritage

We were all very excited about the animal workshop and enjoyed seeing and handling the different, native animals Steven brought in to show us. We  were fascinated by the slugs, snails and woodlice, watching them through the magnifiers and seeing them through the microscope on the screen. We all showed great respect for the creatures and most of us were confident to hold a mouse, sitting and waiting patiently for our turn and watching our classmates have their turn. We were all fantastically behaved and some of use showed great interest in the creatures, asking Steven questions about them. We were told these are the sort of creatures we can find living in out gardens and in the countryside. We worked together in teams to make shelters and interesting toys for the mice to hide and play in.