Health Action Plans


Health Action Plans

have 3 parts to them

Tell the people who look after your child's health important information so that they can provide the right support, helping you to help them to be as healthy as they can.
It should go with your child when they
¨go to see somebody about their health
              :-To the doctors, dentist, and optician
              :-To hospital
¨move house
¨go into short break services
¨go on holiday


If your child is 16 years of age or older it will be useful if you complete a consent form with them or on their behalf



Health Action Plans can be used with Hospital Passports


All About My Health

This is easy read information about your child's health, their communication and how they need to be supported for good health.

Specialist Health Pages

These are add on sections for specific health needs that professionals need to know

My Health Action Plan

This is a list of all the actions needed to keep your child healthy and who will be doing them.