Communication Aids

How do we know what is a suitable communication system for individual students?

We work in partnership with parents, class teams and outside agencies and hold communication assessments for our students. The assessment identifies appropriate resources to support the development of communication and learning, and facilitate greater independence.


What communication systems are used at Park Lane?

At Park Lane we pride ourselves with endeavouring to find a system that works for an individual, below are a range of systems that you can expect to see at Park Lane.

  • PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System, this system enable students to request items, and gain a symbolic knowledge, it may start with photos and then move onto symbols.
  • PODD: Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display, a book or device that contains symbols so that students can communicate a variety of messages.
  • Communication books: generally much smaller than a PODD book so more portable, our students who have a very good working ability with PECS tend to move onto a communication book.
  • Signalong: all students are exposed to Signalong throughout the length of the day and if able they are encouraged to sign also as a total communication system alongside whatever their personal communication method may be. We have two Signalong tutors in school who are able to deliver foundation level training to staff.
  • Individual communication systems/dictionaries: you will find copies of students individual communication dictionaries on the communication wall in school, these dictionaries can consist of a student’s ‘version’ of a sign, their own personalised signs that they have used consistently and developed their own unique form of communication or a combined system of Signalong, Tassels and on body signs.
  • Prolquo2go: this is an app on an iPad where students can navigate through folders to convey the message they want to send to their communication partner, the programme speaks the message they have chosen using the symbol cells.
  • AAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication, (all of the above and more!) a term that can be used to describe various methods of communication that can ‘add-on’ to speech and can be used to get around problems with speech. AAC includes simple systems such as pictures, gestures and pointing, as well as more complex systems such as technology.

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