Remote Education 2021 - 2022

January 2022 - Remote learning continues for some students who are not able to attend school. Provision and resources are provided on an individual basis by Class Teachers and the MDT. 

You can still access all the previous activities and resources posted during Lockdowns by clicking on the Distance Learning 2020 tab. Feel free to peruse other classes and see what they have posted too. 

Remote Education Provision – Information for parents

What is taught to students at home?

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make adaptations.

How will students access any online remote education?

Park Lane School website is our learning platform, all students have a remote education learning page to access work. Teams and Zoom are used for online lessons. Facebook is used for daily challenges.

How will students be taught remotely?

  • Weekly Class planning provided
  • Live teaching (online sessions)
  • Recorded teaching (Video/audio recordings made by teachers or using other appropriate resources)
  • EducationCity class pages
  • Printed work packs
  • Commercially available websites supporting the specific teaching of subject areas, including video clips.

Students without digital or online access at home, how will we support them?

We recognise that some students may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support students and families.

  • We have devices that we can lend.
  • We are able to print resources.
  • We can deliver individualised resources.

Engagement & Feedback

We encourage parents and carers to enable their children to access the remote learning provision.

Live sessions – We know this may not suit everyone due to work commitments. We would like students to attend all of the live sessions available to them as it would be really beneficial for interactions with peers and staff. The sessions will be differentiated appropriately to the needs of individuals.

Website Remote Education  – All planning and activities are placed on here at the beginning of the week or fortnightly with a suggested timetable to support the delivery of these activities. Emphasis on sending in work by email to class teachers is noted. In some instances, parents are asked to take photos of their child completing certain activities so teachers can incude them as evidence in pupil portfolios or workbooks. 

We recognise that everyone’s household will be different and we know many families are working from home and managing remote learning, in some cases with multiple siblings from across the primary and secondary range. If a subject task cannot be completed, do not worry. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will support you with suggestions and ideas.

Weekly home contact will continue with the classroom teacher in the form of telephone calls and emails. Any concerns, feedback of work or engagement with remote learning can be discussed regularly.

Feedback can take many forms:

  • Immediate feedback given in live sessions
  • Feedback on work submitted to the class teacher
  • One to one feedback given to older pupils through emails or phone conversations
  • Ongoing assessment will continue, as it does in the whole school.
  • In instances where teaching assistants are supporting teachers with remote learning, they may be giving feedback, as they do in school.

It is important to stay safe online whilst learning, we have our e-safety policy in place and proactively share information with you about children safely accessing any online platforms.


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