Careers Guidance


Beth and Andree in the Sixth Form lead on careers guidance and education.

Designated Social Worker-Cheshire East Transition Team

Our designated social worker is Leonie Salehi Mojdeh and she offers regular drop in sessions for parents and carers to offer support, advice and guidance on options for pupils after Park Lane School. Once a pupil is 16 years of age they can be referred to this team. Park Lane School can make this referral for parents so please let Andree, Beth or Lorraine know if you would like us to make a referral into this service on behalf of your son or daughter. Once the referral has been made the Transition Team will talk to parents or carers and will attend the Annual Reviews of the EHCP. Please look out on our Facebook page and website for the next drop in session with Leonie. 

Destinations 2019. Year 14 Pupils.

1 pupils went to Pettypool College.

3 pupils had social care packages of support in the community. 

Destinations 2020. Year 14 Pupils.

1 pupil is now at  the Seashell Trust College.

1 pupil has social care packages of support in the community. 

2 pupils are completing their Supported Internship at Macclesfield District General Hopsital - due to finish at the end of December 2020


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